You have got your 23andme data, but aren't really sure what to do with it?

Run it through our Functional Medicine analysis to not only discover your genetic weaknesses, but how to bypass them with targeted diet & lifestyle tweaks.

Explore your unique diet, hormone, gut and brain health traits & how to perform at your best with just a few clicks.


Do you have niggly symptoms or established health concerns? Talk to a Functional Medicine Practitioner one-to-one that can make sense of your symptoms and/or labs and DNA for you, and create a tailor-made protocol to suit your needs. 

  • Fill in our Health Questionnaire with your concerns, symptoms and goals. Send in any potential labs you may have had done.

  • Schedule a one-to-one call with our Functional Medicine Practitioner Mirthe Eckl. The consultation can be done via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype.

  • If deemed necessary, Mirthe will recommend specific testing that may be helpful to get a more in depth picture of your situation. 

  • Receive your bespoke Functional Medicine protocol with individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement suggestions and start your health journey today.


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