Functional Medicine is an integrative health care approach based on the newest cutting edge research findings in medicine, biochemistry, genetics and technology.  

Rather than asking ‘What drug matches up with this disease?’, Functional Medicine seeks to identify and address the root cause of disease and ageing. It aims to uncover genetic, hormonal, inflammatory and other biochemical triggers to restore the body's self-healing capacity and return to optimal health, wellbeing and 'anti-ageing'. 



Discover your genetic profiles and what they can do day-to-day to bypass potential genetic weaknesses (epigenetic (diet & lifestyle) adjustments), and which predictive biomarkers to watch out for you uniquely to prevent any trouble in the long run and to upgrade your health with precision.

Track your clients' health with predictive biomarker testing

Rather than reversing an illness when it is already present, The Functional Medicine App allows you to track your highly sensitive biomarkers that help 'predict' where on the spectrum from optimal health towards ageing and disease you are.

If you have done your Functional Medicine DNA analysis, you can track predictive biomarkers that are especially important for YOU. But even without, there is a range of the most valuable predictive biomarker that apply to everyone for optimal health, longevity & health span ('anti-ageing').  

Functional Medicine Lab Reference Ranges

Conventional reference ranges usually only pick up on markers when they are already at dangerous levels. Within the same objective of prevention, Functional Medicine reference ranges not only distinguish between optimal (green light!), out of range (red light!), but add a  'suboptimal' range. 

Suboptimal levels are not dangerous YET, but these less than optimal markers may already cause subtle wear and tear in the system, and, if unchanged over a long period of time, may contribute to the development of chronic problems, or slip into ‘out of range’ (red light!).

Functional Medicine reference ranges allow to apply targeted diet and lifestyle strategies to bring the markers back to ‘optimal ranges’, and make sure every pathway in your body (and mind) can thrive.

Precision Healthcare - Custom Diet & Lifestyle Adjustments

The majority of healthy living principles are the same for most people. However, depending on your genetics or current health status, what one person may be able to get away with may be much more detrimental to your client. 

We stay on top of the newest research, and will update markers and suggestions according to cutting edge science for you. 


Mirthe Eckl is the brain behind the Functional Medicine App. 

With a primary degree in Health, Mirthe holds a postgraduate certification in Functional Medicine from the Functional Medicine University and has attended extensive further training in epigenetics, nutrigenomics, predictive biomarker testing and a Functional Medicine approach to hormones, anti-ageing, mental health, gut health and more.

Her own diagnosis of the autoimmune condition Crohn’s lead her down a road of “trial and error” in many different areas of treatments from an early age. Eventually, always questioning the status quo, she stumbled upon research to relieve her of the disabling symptoms, and only thereafter discovered the new field of Functional Medicine.

With a stint travelling the world looking after the NZ Olympic Team and surfers on the World Surfing League, she has since made it her mission to dig deeper, always staying on top of the newest research to help individuals live the best possible version of themselves. 

It is her ultimate goal to allow individuals to take their health into their own hands, make educated choices, take the guesswork out of it, and thrive.

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