Ever heard your doctor say that your lab results are ok, but you feel off, have niggly symptoms and just don't feel quite right? 

Does your family history or genetic test results show a certain disease predisposition, and you are worried you may be drifting towards it?

Don't worry any longer, we have got your back.

Within functional medicine, we apply much stricter reference ranges and check whether or not your markers are optimal, rather than 'just ok'.

We aim to detect markers when they not quite in the 'danger zone', which is when they get detected by normal reference ranges, but instead when they are just not quite optimal anymore, long before they create real problems and disease. Like a traffic light, you can still go when it is yellow, but it may well be on the way to trouble, potentially already contributing to minor health issues and symptoms.

Assess your labs today and see where in the range you are falling and what you can do to get back to optimal.

Track your predictive biomarkers & take your health into your own hands.

Place Your Existing Test Results Into Funtional Medicine Ranges

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Order a Home Test Kit

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Get a do-it-yourself kit sent to your doorstep and test from the comfort of your home


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