Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 


At The Functional Medicine App, we treat your Information with the highest level of privacy. We are committed to protecting your Information, handling it responsibly and securing it with administrative, technical measures. All test results and any personal information are maintained under a strict policy of confidentiality. 

Your information will only be used for the Purposes as described in this Privacy Policy and any additional Consent Document or agreement that we may enter with you. 

To use any The Functional Medicine App services, you must agree to this Privacy Policy. You may not use our Services if you do not accept this Privacy Policy.

Collected Information

The Functional Medicine App will act as a controller for your personal information and may be collected from the following sources:

  1. from you, the User, directly;
  2. through your use of our site or services; 

The Functional Medicine App collects the following categories and types of information:

  1. Registration information – when your account is set up, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including your name, contact details and date of birth.
  2. Payment information – payment card details will be taken at point of sale to facilitate purchases. Card details are not stored by us and are managed by our third-party card processing provider. 
  3. Genetic or biomarker information– personal information generated through the analysis of your saliva, blood or other tests.
  4. Self-reported information or information provided during your one-on-one consultation – personal information, including medical conditions, sports-related information, ethnicity. 


We will process your Information to provide you with our services, creating your account, processing your payment, analysing your data and providing your Functional Medicine results.   


We will only process your sensitive personal information with your prior written or verbal express consent in order to provide you with the Services in terms of the agreement entered with you.   



We collect Information when you send, receive, or engage in messaging with The Functional Medicine App. We do this to delegate your inquiries to the correct department.  We may use your personal information to investigate, respond to and resolve complaints and service issues.

We also use analytics to determine ongoing service and resource needs and perform quality control checks to maintain best standards of practice.

Information Disclosure

We will never share your Information with a third party without getting your consent to do so, unless we are required by law. If we are legally required to disclose any Information, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you unless we are legally prohibited from doing so. 


While we cannot guarantee that unauthorised access, disclosure, misuse or loss of Information will never occur, The Functional Medicine App frequently reviews and implements physical, technical, and administrative measures to prevent information security incidents and to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

All connections to Our Site and our mobile applications are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and internal systems protected with anti-virus software.

Only authorised personnel of The Functional Medicine App and contracted third parties have access to Information that is necessary for them to perform their jobs or services. 

You must keep your account credentials secure and not share them with anyone. Your password for your account will be used only for online login. We will not ask for your password under any other circumstances. Inform us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account. Should you wish to reset or change your password, you can do so by clicking on the relevant links on Our Site.